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The Lowdown on Glycemic Load: How This Tool Can Aid Blood Sugar Management |


Have you ever eaten a snack in hopes of curing your afternoon slump only to feel up and then down again? That’s called a blood sugar (glucose) dip. For people with diabetes, this kind of fluctuation can be pronounced and dangerous. For everyone else, as the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center notes, it can be the ultimate downer and productivity killer.

Fortunately, there’s a free, easy-to-use tool that can help you keep your blood sugar level steady, regardless of whether you have diabetes.

Meet: the glycemic load.

By using an easy formula (no major arithmetic required!), you can learn how quickly foods that contain carbs — from cookies to carrots — lead to blood sugar spikes or dips, and, if you have diabetes, potentially help or hurt your A1C number. (That’d be the two- to three-month average of your blood sugar levels, as the American Diabetes Association notes.)




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