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19 Best Men’s Elastic Waist Pants 2023, Tested by Style Experts |


Fabric: You want to prioritize breathable material for warm weather, and cozy material for colder days. Fabrics like cotton, nylon, seersucker, and linen are great for keeping cool during summer temperatures, while corduroy and fleece are great for keeping warm. In addition, many pants are constructed of a blend of materials nowadays, so you often get the best of both worlds. Consider the season and weather conditions to choose a suitable fabric weight too.

Drawstring: Some elastic waist pants come with an adjustable drawstring (internal or external), while others have a fixed elastic waistband sans drawstring. A drawstring allows you to customize the fit to your liking, offering extra flexibility and comfort. If you prefer a more secure fit or want to adjust the waist size easily, look for elastic waist pants with a drawstring.

Elastic Waistband: Elastic waist pants are the way they are because they’ve got an elastic waistband that determines the fit and comfort of the trousers. So ensure the waistband is well-made, strong, and can retain its elasticity even after frequent use and washing. (Test it by gently stretching the waistband to see how it bounces back.)

Style and Occasion: Elastic waist pants come in all kinds of styles, from joggers to cargo pants to dress pants to even jeans and chinos. So consider the intended use of these pants: Are you looking for casual loungewear? Then elastic waist joggers and sweats will do. For office-friendly attire, elastic waist chinos, and dress trousers are easy to come by. For outdoor or athletic activities, pretty much all hiking and workout pants come in the elastic waist style.




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