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J. Balvin Showed Off His Lean Physique in a Shirtless Thirst Trap |


Colombian singer J. Balvin showed off his lean physique in a recent thirst trap on Instagram. The record-breaking musician went shirtless, baring his tattooed torso and six-pack with the caption “Ahí dejo pa que vean lo sexy que estoy,” which roughly translates to “I leave it there so you can see how sexy I am.”

The thirst trap is fortuitously timed, and will get Balvin’s fans riled up for his new track “Click, Click, Flash,” which will be the lead single from his forthcoming album (his first since 2021’s self-titled José). But while the pop star’s Instagram game is strong, he has also been known to take a break from social media for the sake of his own mental wellbeing.

“It helped me a lot mentally, to not be bombarded with things I don’t need,” he recently told Nylon, adding that prioritizing his home life now that he is a father has helped him too. “We all put our energy into our work, as much as if it were our personal life. Actually, sometimes more than our own lives, we take care of our work. And that’s where the struggle of finding balance is.”

Balvin is just as passionate about his mental health advocacy as music, and he sees the fame afforded to him by his music career as a useful platform to spread that message. “I feel like I make a bigger impact that way,” he said, “and I help the world more, because at the end of the day, what the world really suffers from is mental health.”

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