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Margot Robbie Won a Plank Challenge With the ‘Barbie’ Cast |


Greta Gerwig’s Barbie stars Margot Robbie as the blondest, perkiest, most stereotypical iteration of the famous Mattel doll amid a diverse cast of Barbies, each of whom has their own special skill and vocation. There’s President Barbie, Lawyer Barbie, Nobel Prize-winning Physicist Barbie, etc.

And it turns out, one of the movie’s lead performers is also Planking Barbie.

Celebrity personal trainer David Higgins, who previously helped Kumail Nanjiani sculpt that viral Eternals physique, recently revealed the winner of a core-torching plank challenge among the movie’s cast—with Margot Robbie emerging victorious with a time of more than four minutes.

Higgins himself is at the top of the ranking with a time of 5:32, but Robbie is second with 4:10. Third is Barbie producer David Heyman with 4:01, and Gosling is fourth with 3:02. Right beneath him is Hari Nef, who plays Dr. and DJ Barbie in the movie, with 2:13.

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It might not seem like it given that Barbie is primarily a fantasy comedy with very little action (the one main “fight” scene takes the form of a dream ballet), but the cast all trained hard to get into the best doll-like shape for the movie. And director Greta Gerwig ensured that all of the actors playing Ken worked out together.

“Greta put us in a gym together, and we worked out every day leading up to the start of principal photography,” Simu Liu told Ken’s Health. “Ryan was the best inspiration, because he was the most disciplined. I could not beat Ryan to the gym. He was always there earlier than me and he always stayed later. It just speaks to the discipline that this guy has, and I think it really pays off in the movie. He’s got a couple scenes where you get to see a bit of that Ken body, and it’s pretty shredded.”

While it’s true that Gosling is sporting an impressive set of abs in Barbie, it is also worth noting that you should train your core for strength and not just a six-pack. As Robbie clearly knows.

Want to level up your core strength? Try these 10 planking variations. And don’t worry if you can’t hold it for four minutes. You are still Kenough.

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