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Mark Consuelos Shows Off Buff Physique in Ice Bath TV Segment |


Mark Consuelos has never been shy about showing off the results of his hard work in the gym on social media—but now the Riverdale star is going shirtless on live television.

In April of this year, Consuelos joined his wife Kelly Ripa as co-host of the morning show Live With Kelly and Mark, bringing their real-life chemistry as a married couple into the studio. Since then, viewers have been granted a sneak peek into the pair’s private life, and more than one glimpse of Consuelos’ muscular physique: the actor wore a tight pair of shorts in a recent soccer segment that were so form-fitting, his bulge had to be pixellated for airing.

Consuelos went one even further in an episode of the show this week, and stripped to a pair of swimming shorts on air, showing his sculpted chest and defined six-pack abs before stepping into an ice-cold bath for six whole minutes.

“I feel good,” he says while completely submerged. “It’s interesting in the legs… I would say it’s an extreme feeling.”

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The segment was filmed with Dr. Jonathan Leary as a part of the show’s “Aches & Pains” series, and aimed to highlight the benefits of cold water therapy, which include reducing inflammation, speeding up muscle recovery after a workout, improving quality of sleep and boosting mood.

Ice baths are becoming increasingly popular ways to support training across a wide range of disciplines, with pro surfer Laird Hamilton, bodybuilder Chris Bumstead, MMA fighter Michael Chandler, and action star Liam Hemsworth all using them to complement their intense exercise routines. Although, as Leary notes on the show, people with underlying health conditions should definitely consult with their doctor before taking the plunge.

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