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Strongman Eddie Hall Just Smashed His Pro Wrestling Debut |


World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall has been expanding his repertoire a great deal outside of the world of strength sports. Most notably, there was his transition from strongman to boxing, a process which saw him lean down by nearly 100 pounds and culminated in a grudge match with Thor Bjornsson.

However, he has also tried his hand at a wide array of different sports and fitness disciplines on his YouTube channel, from lumberjacking to the NFL combine and sumo wrestling. Most recently, Hall has spent time training with the professional wrestlers at Megaslam in the UK, and in a new video, he makes his debut in the ring at a live event in his hometown.

“My son’s in the crowd, he has no clue whatsoever,” he says. “I’m going to jump into this wrestling show, throw some moves, and try and win this Royal Rumble.”

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When Hall enters to a cheering crowd, he relishes playing the heel and leaning hard into the kayfabe aspect of the sport, where wrestlers maintain their personas for the entirety of their performance in the ring, no matter what. He’s clearly taken to heart what his wrestling coach previously taught him: “Always remember… when you’re training, you stay in character, you keep working, you keep wrestling, until you’re told time.”

Hall beats his first opponent with relative ease, and is briefly caught “off guard” by a second fighter, but ultimately he trounces them both, making his pro wrestling debut an unmitigated success.

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