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8 Rules for Healthier Cereal |


When it comes to breakfast, few options are as quick and inexpensive as cereal. Unfortunately, your basic box doesn’t always get high marks for nutrition — and proposed changes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would even disqualify several popular brands (such as Honey Nut Cheerios, Special K Original Cereal, and Raisin Bran) from including the term “healthy” on their packaging.

Cereal is typically high in carbohydrates and low in protein, which doesn’t make for a balanced meal, notes Sherry Roberts, RDN, MPH, CDCES , a registered dietitian-nutritionist and certified diabetes care and education specialist with CRM Counseling, a coaching and wellness company in Centerville, Minnesota. Many cereals also contain added sugars, she says. Too much added sugar may increase your risk of heart disease, dementia, diabetes, and obesity, per the American Heart Association (AHA).

But the news isn’t all bad: Research published in the March 2022 JAMA Network Open found that cereal fiber specifically was associated with lower inflammation and lower risk of heart disease in older adults.

There are many ways to avoid common cereal pitfalls and turn your bowl into a nutritious, well-rounded breakfast. Let these dos and don’ts guide you toward a healthier way to start your day.




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