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Are Raw Meat and Raw Milk Diets Safe? |


Raw food diets are nothing new. Fans of uncooked food subscribe to the idea that high heat destroys nutrients, so a diet of foods that are as close to their natural state as possible should be healthier, says the Cleveland Clinic, by way of explaining the practice. With all the bad news about ultra-processed foods, that doesn’t sound too crazy — at least if you’re focusing on whole plant-based foods, as in a raw vegetarian or vegan diet.

Leave it to TikTok video influencers to push the concept a bit too far, however. To the alarm of food safety experts, users there have been promoting uncooked animal products, including milk and animal organs.

Chief among the #rawlife advocates is the flamboyant Liver King, the self-proclaimed “CEO of the ancestral lifestyle” with more than four million followers and 81.5 million likes on TikTok. Many videos feature a musclebound and shirtless Liver King sitting on a throne as he prepares to down a meal that might include raw liver (he claims to eat 3 ounces of raw liver at every meal), bone marrow, ground beef, or bull testicles. “Why eat vegetables when you can eat testicles?” is his frequently uttered tagline.

And there are plenty of other social media influencers, such as Paul Saladino, aka Carnivore MD, on the raw beat. A double board certified doctor, Saladino advocates unpasteurized milk, asserting that the heating process zaps key health benefits. (There is no evidence that this is true.)




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