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Best Golf Shirts for Men 2023, Tested by Golfers and Style Experts |


Stretch: The most vital element you should demand in golf shorts is a stretchy fabric. Without stretch, you’ll find yourself feeling too constricted and having a hard time when putting, swinging, or bending down a bit. Stretch fabric, usually made with spandex or elastane, allows the golf shorts to have a four-way stretch and move with your motions when you play. Keep in mind that the primary fabric material in many golf shorts, polyester, isn’t necessarily stretchy since it has no elasticity on its own, so it’s often blended with spandex or elastane to bring out your full range of motion. Or, a 100% polyester fabric can be reworked to be stretchy itself, such as via knitting or crimping.

Performance: Besides stretch, golf shirts, as inherently outdoors and athletic clothes, need to have other activewear functionalities such as moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and breathability to keep your thighs cool and dry in case you sweat. These anti-humid feats are usually courtesy of activewear materials like polyester which is hydrophobic and water-repellent. And if it gets too hot, you’ll want to look for breathability offered by nylon, such as in Wilson’s All Seasons Polo. Additionally, when the sun is really blazing, many golf shirts now offer UV protection and built-in SPF or UPF ratings to shield your skin from harmful sun rays during long hours on the course. Lastly, the fabric of golf shirts should be seriously lightweight to not restrict your movement or weigh you down.

Fit: A well-fitted shirt not only makes you look better but also allows for unrestricted movement and flexibility. In this case, most golf shirts come in a regular, standard, or classic fit that’s roomy through the chest to the waist and cut for a lower armhole and a fuller sleeve that falls closer to the elbow. This fit skims the body without being too tight or too loose and offers maximum coverage against the sun and weather. The best golf shirts should also have enough room in the shoulders and arms to accommodate your swings while maintaining a neat and polished look. Also, pay attention to the overall length of golf shirts to see if they can be tucked in.




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