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Best Lululemon Men’s Pants, Tested and Reviewed by Style Experts |


Can you wear Lululemon men’s pants to work?
Depending on your workplace dress code and the specific style of the pants, you can definitely wear Lululemon pants to the office. In fact, the brand offers a range of men’s pants that cater to different occasions, including styles that are suitable for professional settings. For a more formal or business-casual work environment, Lululemon offers dressier options like the ABC Pant and the Commission Pant, which have a tapered fit and look polished enough to pass as dress trousers or chinos. Both pants styles also feature performance that guarantees all-day comfort in the office, making them ideal for traveling or commuting to work.

For business-casual workplace dress codes, Lululemon men’s pants styles like the Utilitech Carpenter Pant or Relaxed Tapered Trouser let you stay comfortable and stylish while still maintaining a professional look. Ultimately, we want to avoid wearing any pull-on styles like joggers and sweatpants to the office.

Do Lululemon men’s pants run big or small?
Lululemon offers a range of fits, including classic, slim, relaxed, and athletic cuts, to cater to different body types and preferences. In our testing, we found that each fit is true to size and true to what the brand advertises, such as how pants in slim fit always hug the glutes and thighs, or how pants in relaxed-tapered fit always give us more room in the seat and thigh areas. More importantly, we found that now only do Lululemon men’s pants run true to size around the waist, but their inseam sizes also run true to size as well.

Are Lululemon men’s pants worth the investment in terms of quality and comfort?
Known for its high-quality activewear and athleisure clothing, Lululumon makes men’s pants that are of no exception when it comes to quality and comfort. We love that the brand uses premium and sometimes even proprietary materials and innovative fabric technologies in their pants, such as Utilitech, WovenAir, Warpstreme, and the anti-ball-crushing tech, that provide excellent durability, stretch, breathability, or moisture-wicking capabilities—sometimes all in one.

In addition, we found that Lululemon pays extra attention to detail in the design, such as gussets for increased mobility and ergonomic seams, to enhance overall comfort and performance. Lululemon’s pants also often feature thoughtful additions like secure pockets, elastic-free waistbands, and adjustable hems, making them practical for everyday use. All in all, our testers and many customers find that the combination of superior quality, performance, comfort, and style justifies the investment in Lululemon men’s pants whose durability means that they will last.




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